The Philosophy of Our Team

A Word From Our Principal Consultant

Innovation isn't about just brainstorming new ideas, but rather creating a new type of company culture, creating new products that reward "out of the box thinking", embracing failures, formulating a vision of the future, understanding your competition, and being extremely passionate towards product improvement.

Reji is an experienced technology strategist and business solutions architect. By applying his vast wealth of knowledge and experience adopted through his previous roles as a CIO, Sr. IT Director, IT Manger and Technology Analyst over the past two decades, he is able to effectively assist many types of businesses in adopting new technology strategies, and devising execution plans towards innovative business objectives. 

The secret to Reji’s success resides in the ability to frame and deliver market competitive technology solutions, build strong and effective support teams, and constantly evaluate technology trends. 

Today, Reji plays a role of strategic advisor to technology focused startup companies, and technology strategist to established companies planning to transform their current business model for release of new products to market.